Recruitment and Staffing

One of the key services provided by Nislo is recruitment. By using data and the latest HR solutions, we have built a talent pool that can provide our clients with quick access to the people they need. Our effective skills assessment system helps us bring only the best employees on board. Our in-house technology and the touch of our HR experts allow us to provide the right advice to companies even during the most challenging times.

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Business consulting

Nislo has managed to achieve tremendous growth in the field of business research and business consulting. We are currently employing top business consultants, who have excellent academic and professional background, and are well-versed in contemporary business strategies. Our consultants recognize the highly competitive business environment in the EU and seek to develop strategies, which encourage efficient communication with stakeholders and sustainable growth.

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Organisation research

Due to the quality of our researchers, Nislo has managed to establish itself on the organisational research markets, and we are producing high-quality policy and business reports for a number of public organisations. Our strategic aim in this respect is to ensure steady flow of information to such institutions by conducting transparent and objective research, and providing them with practical policy advise.

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Our Process for Business and Organisational Consulting