COVID: Curious Mask Facts

COVID: Curious Mask Facts

Most people today know the basics of COVID prevention: wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distancing, be sure to quickly seek help if you have the symptoms…. And those are very good things to do! But some curious facts might still have evaded you.

According to the World Health Organisation, wearing a mask is a must nowadays, but are you doing it right? It is not too difficult: just try to keep your hands clean when touching a mask (for example, wash your hands before putting it on) and make sure that it covers your nose, mouth and chin. It is also preferable to leave medical and surgical masks to people who are either in a risk group or are not feeling well; for everyone else, a fabric mask is the more feasible and reasonable solution.

Also, don’t forget to change medical masks regularly. Basically, as soon as it is damp, it needs to be changed. Do not reuse them! For reusable masks, consider fabric masks.

Don’t wear a mask when exercising. It is not just inconvenient; if you are sweating, your mask gets wet, which is bad for your breathing and good for bacteria. So, when exercising, just keep your distance without a mask.

Wearing a mask needs to be done correctly for the best effects, so let’s keep in mind these simple rules for masks.

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