About Company

Nislo Research specialises in research and high quality consultancy services for business clients, organizations and individuals.
There are no restrictions for you to register with us, as long as you meet the desired qualifications.

Application Process

We consider applications from individuals who possess outstanding English writing skills and hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a PhD degree. Furthermore, you should be a committed to our company values, have a professional attitude and be focused on delivering your best in regards to our service. You are required to have access to reliable internet connection.
Upon review of your application process, we usually provide a feedback to you on whether you have been successful. We aim at providing feedback in 4-5 business days of your application.

Working at Nislo Research

We offer average payment rates of between £20 and £50 per 1000 words. These can vary depending on the level, assignment type, urgency and quality of the work delivered.
The payment for a completed task is usually done immediately after the work has been submitted. If there is a need for specific revisions, the writer will be paid in part and fully settled when the task has been marked closed.
You will be paid using the payment details you provided during the application process. Impersonation is highly discouraged and would to a cancelation of your researcher’s status with our company.
Yes, Bonuses are usually provided for outstanding work or positive referrals of exceptional writers by existing writers. The bonuses are decided on a case-by-case basis.
Yes, we have a strict policy for unprofessional conducts such as severe delays, plagiarised work, and deliberate poor quality work.