Nislo Education Fund – Bulgaria, Pleven

Date: 18/09/2018

We are thrilled to have launched our first education fund in a village in Pleven, Bulgaria. The gifted and talented child, a 12-year old girl, received a laptop and 1-year educational support given to her family. We plan to launch two more education fund events, both in Nigeria and Kenya, with the help of NGO organisations that we are partnering with. And as of this coming January, we intend to distribute 5 per cent of our profits to improving access to education for those who otherwise face barriers.

Like Robin Hood (albeit not operating out of Nottingham’s forests), our charity initiative redistributes wealth from those with high educational backgrounds and financial stability, to those who more urgently require support and help accessing opportunities.

We believe in the importance of education and the access to high quality learning resources should be accessible to everyone: as a basic need and a fundamental right. It is through this stance that the Nislo Education Fund came to be, being established first in Pleven, Bulgaria (where the literacy of primary school-aged children is only 12 per cent). This is a symptom of children and their families receiving inadequate and non-sustainable training and education, often unable to enrol in school due to lack of resources and the funds to do so. The aims of the charity were to hold seminars and to present to children the importance of education and to show them the challenges they may face when trying to learn and how to overcome them. We also aimed to motivate the children so that they are more confident in their learning abilities and skills using a wide variety of fun activities during each session. The outcomes from the events held were that children were keener and had more enthusiasm and looked forward to the opportunity of learning. As our charity’s news and events spread worldwide, more countries and organisations are becoming interested in our work and what we do. To find out more, please visit our social media sites.